Kids laughing

What Critics Are Saying

"I seriously thought my kids were going to hurt themselves from laughing so hard." – Evan Serpick, Baltimore Magazine

"Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! This is a class act!" – Donn Murphy, The National Theatre, Washington, D.C.

What Festivals Are Saying

“It’s great to hear the laughter from all the children enjoying your show!” – Allison C. Ellis, Historic Kenmore, Fredericksburg, VA

“Your Punch and Judy show is an element of our annual festival that our guests (and staff) look forward to the most. An act that is equally entertaining to both our youngest and oldest visitors is difficult to find, but you found a way to do it!” – Lisa Acker Moulder, Betsy Ross House, Philadelphia

What Parents Are Saying

"Professor Horn entertained all of us. There were hilarious jokes and so much fun for both the adults and children. What an act! The visual magic tricks were followed by the most wonderful Punch & Judy puppet show. We laughed ourselves silly." – Georgina Wilson, Washington, D.C.

"We can't say enough nice things about your show. It was great. Your performance was as entertaining for the parents as it was for the children. So many people complimented us for such a great party. Thanks for making it fabulous!" – Amy & Bruce Colbourn, Wilmington, DE

What Curators Are Saying

"Thank you for your wonderful Punch & Judy show. It was fabulous! I've never booked a show that had so much variety. Everyone in our organization remarked to me later that they could actually hear the laughter coming through the walls of our building. It was a terrific performance from beginning to end." – Carol Hobelmann, Slayton House, Columbia, MD

"I thought the children would enjoy the puppet show but was not prepared for this. The level of joyful hysteria has never been exceeded in our auditorium, nor do I think it will be until the next time your return. We will gladly give you the highest recommendation possible to anyone inquiring about your services." – Beth Hansen, The Historical Society of Talbot County, MD

What Others Are Saying

"To our surprise and delight, Prof. Horn's Punch and Judy production at our annual British Garden Party was an authentic recreation of the memorable puppet shows from our childhood. How wonderful that someone is keeping this tradition alive! The adults were as enthusiastic and captivated as the children. The hand organ and sleight-of-hand all added to the charm and fit in so appropriately with the garden party atmosphere. This is truly an experience for all generations." — Priscilla and Dick Huffman, St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Timonium, MD

“Professor Horn’s celebrated Punch & Judy show has been a huge hit at our event. We can’t imagine having our Narberth Dickens Festival without him!” – Ed Ridgway, Narberth Business Association, Narberth, PA.

Horn's Punch & Judy

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